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No two businesses are exactly alike. Each business is made up of a unique blend of people, processes and technology. So why take a one-size-fits-all approach to solving business problems?

We offer flexible solutions designed to capable meet the needs of businesses of any size. Click on the links below to find out how Fuji Xerox Australia can help you with some of the biggest challenges facing business today.

Securing Information

A breach in document security could result in unauthorised use or harmful disclosure of your important company intelligence, which can put your organisation in a crippling position. In many cases, data breaches can mean loss in customer trust and even financial damage - as new security systems need to be put in place.

We offer flexible solutions designed to capable meet the needs of businesses of any size. Click on the links below to find out how Fuji Xerox Australia can help you with some of the biggest challenges facing business today.

Addressing document security in potential areas of leakage is a critical first step to minimising the risks. After all, companies need to ensure the protection of information - one of the most valuable assets.

Reducing and Managing Costs

An often cited fact is that document-related costs in a business can account for up to 6 per cent of annual revenues. This can come from a number of areas, but inefficient printing processes and document wastage are certainly going to be the biggest culprits.

This is an area where organisations can quickly achieve surprising cost reductions with a minimum of fuss. Fuji Xerox has a range of solutions available that can easily reduce operational costs.

There is also the added benefit of reducing unseen costs. These have a tendency to rack up unnoticed, thus causing a significant headache when it comes to profitability.

Automating Information

In most industries, workers spend significant amounts of time processing documents and the data contained within. As companies will certainly understand, these processes can also absorb a substantial amount of funding.

Addressing these bottlenecks has typically required massive system changes to get this under control, however with the connectivity available today it's never been easier to automate these common tasks.

It's now time for businesses to start focusing on automation to reduce roadblocks. Delaying could prove to be an issue, given the amount of information is only continuing to increase thanks to the larger number of channels.

Digitising Information

While the amount of information being stored electronically is increasing, the predicted reduction in paper is not reducing as quickly as once thought. Organisations are actively searching for ways to convert information trapped on paper into digital forms and those that do witness significant benefits.

Once information has been converted into digital form it becomes easier to access from a range of devices, for example mobile workers logging on from laptops while away from the office.

Digitisation will only become even more important as the amount of information continues to expand, as businesses cannot afford to allot the necessary resources for paper-based information management.

Effective Communication and Marketing

It's never been more challenging for marketers looking to deliver business results. Deploying and measuring campaigns across print and digital channels with the inclusion of personalised content can be a daunting challenge.

When well managed however, multi-channel communications can deliver new levels of success for your organisation. Fuji Xerox offer business solutions that can make managing marketing campaigns a far easier undertaking.

What's more, these solutions make it simple to manage over multiple channels, whether online, email or social media.


93 percent of CEOs now believe that sustainability will be critical to the success of their business in the future. A focus on sustainability often delivers benefits including improvements in employee morale, customer loyalty and not to mention brand image.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for a strong brand image as more and more businesses adopt the term, but it can be difficult to actually drive sustainability within a company.

Fuji Xerox Solutions make sustainability an easier prospect by targeting an area where paper usage is traditionally quite high - printing. Following the adoption of these solutions, the business can see benefits to both the environment and the bottom line.


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