Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

Reduce costs and work more innovatively. Transform the way your business works by reducing manual, time-consuming tasks. This means you can spend more time on creating value in areas of your business that have the most impact.

Save costs

Find ways to reduce your print costs by eliminating print waste and time spent maintaining your devices. We can help you get a more comprehensive view of your print usage and streamline your workflows to ensure your print solution is as innovative and flexible as your business.

Our small to medium business solutions and services can help you:

  • Innovate time-consuming processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline workflows and improve efficiency
  • Access files and print devices easily via mobile technology

 Find efficiencies

Introduce efficiencies to your business like automated ordering processes for toners or a managed print service. Our latest office printing products provide exceptional reliability which means you can use your time on more important tasks.

Digitise processes

Make the processes involved in running a small business simpler. Improve search access to business critical documents and reduce compliance risk by ensuring every file is stored electronically where it should be. Digitalise your business workflows and processes to drive productivity. Our document management solutions include document capture which lets you scan and convert printed materials into searchable and editable documents. Increased security will help you have control of sensitive documents.

Flexible access

Give your staff the flexibility to work from home or other locations outside the office using mobile technology. Your staff can use their mobile phones and tablets to print anytime, anywhere via wireless technology.

Adopt sustainable practices

Create a point of difference for your business by adopting sustainable print policies. Reduce paper waste, save energy, and cut down your CO2 emissions.





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