RISO  is developing products and services that improve convenience while reducing environmental burdens.

Digital duplicator the "RISOGRAPH" consumes minimal power even for A3 size printing

The RISOGRAPH is a stencil printing style digital duplicator. It works by piercing a printing stencil plate with holes and passing ink through the holes to transfer an image onto paper.
The maximum power consumption is 300 W*1 even for A3 size printing.
Compared with a photocopier that applies toner sheet by sheet using heat, the RISOGRAPH can perform large-volume printing with less power consumption.

The cost per print decreases with every additional duplication of a document that is printed.

RISO Japan's revolutionary office printing solutions and technology will optimize your printed material at lower costs, faster speeds and a wider range of optional accessories. As a world leader in providing high-efficiency printing performance, we focus on making a difference in how your office functions with our state-of-the-art products.

Rice ink using rice bran oil

RISO adopts rice ink using rice bran oil. Because we use rice bran from domestically produced rice, the transport distance of the raw materials necessary for ink production is shorter than soybean oil ink using mass-imported soybeans from overseas, and transport-related CO2 emissions are greatly reduced. In addition, rice ink does not easily deteriorate over time, reducing alteration of printed parts, and extending the recommended expiry date.